It has been such a blessing to connect with people through speaking.  Interestingly, the life experiences that I’ve had the opportunity to share haven’t been easy.  They’ve actually been some of my most challenging times.  But they have connected me with people in deep, authentic ways…which has been the ultimate blessing.

Sometimes, I think we’re all trying so hard to “keep it all together” that we forget to be “real.”  (Myself included.)  There are times when I’m so focused on tasks and forward momentum that I forget to be “in the moment” and allow myself to actually “feel” in real time.

So my heart is to share the hard stuff…the stuff below the surface that is sometimes difficult to talk about…because I believe that is our great connector.  If we are able to take off our masks and talk to each other about our “real lives” (as opposed to the “highlight reel” we tend to share on social media), we are invited into deep places with others.  This is where I believe “the magic happens.”  We connect through our humanity…and realize that we’re all up against something…and that’s the space where life becomes a “team sport.”